The Agora Projects, LLC builds solar-powered, wifi-enabled pavilions that provide solar energy, internet access, and human connection to communities, companies, and universities.


The vision behind the Agora Pavilion is to design positive sensory experiences where people gather and connect, in order to increase productivity, job satisfaction and decreased stress levels. Our customizable design allows users to choose the features that best fir their needs. Pavilions use local, reusable or recycled construction materials ensuring a low carbon footprint for our building process.

Evidence Based Design research has proven that our physical environments play a vital role in our health and well being. Agoras sanctuaries are beautiful, therapeutic spaces for hospitals, corporate campuses and universities that feature sustainable landscaping, inspirational water fountains, stone labyrinths and multi-function audio/visual systems. These integrated systems renew personal vitality and restore mental & emotional clarity.

agora trees

Agora Solar Trees utilize renewable solar energy powering the charging stations for personal mobile devices. Both the trees Kiosks include tablets housed within the structure. Kiosks feature giant display screens providing important information and advertising opportunities for businesses. The Agora Solar Trees and Solar Tree Kiosks are functional sculpture for community-centric education.

The Agora is a place to connect. Connect with one another, Connect with landscape, Connect and recharge with solar power, Connect to the World through the worldwide Web. Find out more by listening to these short Questions and Answers by founder Marina Nash.

In Ancient Greece, Agoras were central places for civic engagement. Our modern day Agoras are community spaces that provide solar energy, internet access, and human connection. We believe that your environment is integral to your well-being. Whether that means being your best at work, school, or your local park. Agora is a space for you to thrive in.

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