3 Things: Socent, CSR & Sustainability Update

As a social enterprise (or Socent, for short), we at The Agora Projects try to stay up to date on the latest trends in the industry and keep an eye on some of the companies and projects that we just happen to think are really cool. We tend to tweet links and retweet a lot of what comes across our radar, in the hopes that our community of supporters can learn more about these exciting initiatives and maybe find some inspiration to contribute in some way to these social enterprises that are doing well by doing good.

Going forward, we’ll do our best to provide regular industry updates, such as this one, so that you can get a feel for the growing breadth and effectiveness of socents on a more frequent basis.

This week, we found several exciting new articles and projects. A few are briefly described below.

Social Enterprises are proliferating, but for sustainable growth, they need to emphasize the “Enterprise” over the “Social,” at least until they get on their feet. “The chance to have free capital, rather than ring-fenced, grant allocated capital, should be a huge motivator for charities” (From The Guardian, http://ow.ly/u2z7u).

Climbers of Bighorn Mountain in Switzerland now have an extra incentive to scale the peak. A new solar and steel hut, replacing an old “energy-hungry” hut, has been built (and it’s beautiful). The picture to the right shows the hut – there are several more in the linked article (From Inhabitat, http://ow.ly/u2zSQ).

Lastly, here is a compilation of 5 very cool new solar projects that have been built, are being built, or have been proposed in various countries across the globe. If these don’t inspire you to appreciate sustainable architecture, we don’t know what will (except maybe an Agora). These are really cool! (From Mosaic, http://ow.ly/u2AZk).