The Agora Projects, LLC builds solar-powered, WIFI-enabled pavilions that provide off-grid solutions for communities to connect, empower & thrive.

Agora Projects Wifi

The Agora Projects, LLC was founded by Marina Nash in Boulder, Colorado in 2013. The Agora Projects has expanded to include CEO & Co-Founder Scott Rodwin, Partner & Director of Creative Outreach Bud Wilson and Program Director Chris Hoyd.

All Agoras incorporate principles of sustainable, evidence-based design while demonstrating the use of clean, renewable solar energy. Agoras utilize the practical application of renewable energy and provide a reliable source of power for those with limited resources. Users can recharge their personal devices, access free WIFI and make use of the integrated web-enabled tablets. Agoras are net-energy positive and do not need to be tied into the utility grid.

The Agora Projects, LLC believes that the future health of our planet and global community hinges on a balanced approach to doing business.  Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about our organization, find out about interesting industry updates and discover the growing enthusiasm behind initiatives such as ours.

“If you want a future of shared responsibilities, shared opportunities and shared sense of community, you have to believe that creative cooperation is better than constant conflict. You have to believe that we’re all in this together. You have to believe that our differences are exciting, but our common humanity matters more.” Bill Clinton, at the 2013 “Where Do We Go from Here?” Conference