Renew & Restore

Imagine all of your senses being bathed and nourished by your immediate surroundings. The Agora Sanctuaries incorporate the latest breakthroughs in Neuro-Science and experiential therapies. Sight, sound, smell, touch; all of your perceptual fields of awareness are awakened by multi-sensory elements incorporated within the Agora structure.  In addition to community education centers, Agoras can be designed to create beautiful, therapeutic spaces for hospitals, corporate campuses and universities with restorative features including sustainable landscaping, inspirational water fountains, stone labyrinths and multi-function audio/visual systems designed to renew personal vitality and restore mental & emotional clarity.

Scientific Studies prove elevated stress levels damage our brains, compromise our immune system and physically change our genetic structure. Aging, inflammation and disease are also accelerated by anxiety and stress. A growing body of research (Biophilic Studies) reveals the vital interconnection between the natural environment and human wellbeing.

Evidence-based design demonstrates the extraordinary impact the built environment has upon all of our senses. Early research in the emerging field of Biophilia by E.O. Wilson at Harvard reveals the importance of our human connection with Nature. The Agora Projects is creating a bridge between the built environment and the natural world by merging architectural design with neuroscience research to skillfully stimulate our brain’s natural processing power. The result is a whole body experience fostering reflection and contemplative awareness. We provide links to numerous studies pointing to the health benefits and restorative value of multi-sensory stimuli designed to reduce stress.

The Agora Sanctuaries incorporates many of the innovations in the science of healing and the importance of environmental factors: “New hospital design features make use of lighting and sound to create meditative spaces in waiting rooms or in quiet areas… By reducing the burden of stress and anxiety each patient carries, these innovations promise to reduce medication dosages, surgical and medical complications, accidents, and error rates.” – Esther Sternberg, M.D.

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