What does the word Agora mean?

The Agora Projects comes from the word Agora in Greek, which in Ancient Greece meant the center of civic society. It was an open space defined by buildings and trees where people from all stages of life and all walks of life gathered to share information and education.

Where did the idea for the Agora Projects originate?

The Agora Projects is based on an Ancient Greek idea. It is a modern day version of the Agora, which was the center of civic society in every Greek city. It was where democracy began.

What is an Agora Pavilion?

The Agora Pavilion is a solar canopy outdoor amphitheater with 80 outlets in the seating ring. It also has embedded tablets within the pylons for personal use.

How does the Agora Pavilion facilitate connection?

The Agora Pavilion is a place for people to connect. Connect with each other, connect with their environment, connect with electricity, and connect with the world.

How did you come up with the design for the Agora?

The design of the Agora Pavilion is based on the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci numbers. It is an evidence-based design that has its roots in neuroscience and the wellbeing of people within the space.

What is unique about the Agora Pavilion?

The Agora Pavilion is an outdoor venue that is non-exclusive: no walls, no doors, invites everyone to come and share, be inspired, communicate, connect, and share in the resources provided.

How much energy can the Agora produce?

An Agora Pavilion can provided anywhere between 2 and 6 kilowatt hours of solar clean energy.

What is the purpose of an Agora?

The Agora Pavilion is really an outdoor community hub. It is a place for people to go and use the electricity for their personal devices, for refrigeration, for critical medicines, for lighting, for SOS alarms, for any number of applications.

How does the Agora space welcome people?

The Agora Pavilion is an inspirational design that invites people to descend into the amphitheater and mingle in a circle that becomes part of a sphere.

How do people with smartphones, tablets and laptops benefit?

The Agora Projects Pavilion is a Wi-Fi hotspot and it is a charging station.

How does the Agora promote education?

The agora pavilion has three tablets embedded within its pylons. As a hotspot, those tablets can be programed with any educational or culturally relevant material

What is the very core and essence of an Agora?

The Agora Pavilion, as in Ancient times, is the democratization of knowledge.

What’s at the top of an Agora?

The Agoras solar canopy is open with an oculus to the stars.

What can an Agora be used for?

The Agora Pavilion can serve many functions: as an outdoor classroom, as an outdoor library, a performance venue, a cultural community center, a broadcasting venue, a microloan finance center.

What is the benefit to using evidence based design architecture?

Inspirational design ignites imagination, and without imagination there is no hope for change, and change is growth.

What is the benefit of having an outdoor community center?

The Agora Pavilion is an outdoor design within nature, which invites people to become more aware of their environment and the solar powered canopy reinforces that.

What could the electricity produced by the Agora by used for in remote areas?

The Agora Pavilion’s solar canopy provides enough electricity for a water filtration system or for irrigation pumps.

How can the Agora facilitate medical care?

As a community hub the agora can be used for triage in telemedicine and for power for mobile clinics and Wi-Fi use for telemedicine.