The Agora is a multipurpose space designed to handle a wide range of functions. Its technology is customizable and may include: a variety of lighting systems, acoustically treated walls and ceilings, the latest multimedia presentation hardware, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth integration, wireless audio, and more. The flexible space allows for a variety of presentations, speaking events, community announcements, small stage/musical productions, networking events, catering/cocktail and self-serve services. The structure and layout of the Agora accommodate alternating between different types of events with ease.

Agora with Coffee Kiosk

Agora Café/Kiosk

When used as a coffee shop or café, the Agora walls, floors and surfaces are minimalistic and easy to keep clean. The 360-degree traffic flow pattern makes ordering, waiting for orders, and picking up orders simple and congestion-free.

The Agora can accommodate self-serve food and beverage options as well. In this configuration the “kitchen” can be down-sized to coolers and refrigerators with other basic essentials. The entire food kiosk can easily be operated by one person.

With the Agora seating flexibility is provided through the tiered concentric circle configuration. Moveable tables and chairs can accommodate cafeteria and larger-scale events, usually with a low podium from which the presenter can be readily seen.

The open design of the Agora provides clean air circulation while sheltering the guests from the elements. The immediate area surrounding the Agora may be used for mingling and dining. Utilizing the greater-Agora area allows for larger-group gatherings to congregate in this multipurpose space.

Community Nest in Residential Neighborhood