The cost of an Agora can vary depending on location, site conditions, local construction costs and the optional features chosen. Typical installed cost ranges between $150K-$250K.

Agora Basic Kit

The Agora Basic Kit includes the following, for an approximate total material cost of $100,000:

  • Vinyl Solar Thin Film Canopy
  • Aluminum Frame & Attachment
  • Solar Inverters & Wiring
  • Assembly Instructions & Blueprints
  • Shipping
Optional Features

Additional Optional Features include the following, at additional cost:

  • Broadband WiFi
  • Computer Tablets with Secure Frame
  • Portable Waterproof Batteries
  • Reinforced Concrete Foundation Pylons
  • LED Strip Lighting Along Structure Frame
  • Masonry or Concrete Seating Rings & Amphitheater Benches
  • Sandstone Pylon Veneers
  • Mosaic Stone Labyrinth
  • Water Filtration System
  • Water Pumping System
Installation Services

Our Design and Installation Services include, at additional cost:

  • Project Management by Architect and General Counsel
  • Landscaping (Design, Pathways & Irrigation)
  • Geotechnical Analysis and Foundation Design by Engineer
  • Site Grading & Amphitheater Excavation