TED Talk – Educate & Empower

According to data provided by UNESCO, 171 million people could be lifted out of poverty if all students in low-income countries acquired basic reading skills. Our Agoras can provide WIFI connectivity for underserved populations to access the internet for educational purposes and serve as a community gathering place that functions as a classroom or digital library.

Optional features for our Agoras include a satellite WIFI router, mounted and secured e-tablets for public use, water filtration systems and charging stations for personal electronic devices.

“We believe that providing affordable, high quality Internet access to the citizens of the world is the most effective tool that we have to eliminate poverty.” Doyle Gallegos, Global Practice Leader – Connectivity Infrastructure, The World Bank

The Agora Projects receives Navajo Community Support

The Navajo Western Agency Counsel passed a resolution supporting the construction of an initial Agora Pavilion at the STAR Charter School as part of the Agora Program for the Navajo Nation.

Boulder, Colorado – October 27, 2015 – The Agora Projects, a turn-key design and build firm creating solar powered Wi-Fi equipped outdoor community Pavilions, announced today that 17 of the 18 Navajo Chapters comprising the Western Agency Counsel passed resolutions (18th Chapter vote pending) in support of building its first Agora Pavilion at the STAR Charter School located near Flagstaff, Arizona. The Agora Projects envisions deploying a network of over 100 Agora Pavilions across the Navajo Nation which spans Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah.

“Pavilions will help the Navajos connect with nature and engage with one another, their community and the world” said (Counsel Person).

The Agora Pavilion generates solar power for WiFi equipment, charging mobile wireless devices, rechargeable home-use batteries, and other potential uses. Offering free services will mitigate the cost of Internet voice and data service for the Navajo people. Pavilions additionally provide a covered area for medical triage and power for mobile clinics. Self-Organized Learning Environments (SOLE, the most cost-effective educational solution) are made possible with embedded tablets, which can be programmed with educational, language preservation, and vocational training content.

“This pioneering program will increase access to our Navajo Code Talkers to Code Writers education initiative and will empower communities by providing access to commerce, job searching, marketing & sales, banking and micro-lending resources” said Senator Carlyle W. Begay of the Arizona State Senate, District 7. “We are honored and delighted to collaborate with the Navajo leadership in providing such a transformational, motivational and inspirational resource for the Navajo people. To make this network a reality, we seek corporate sponsorships, grants, private donations, and in-kind contributions. We anticipate developing customized content, virtual programs and user training for local healthcare, education, socioeconomic growth, and other professional services.” said Marina Nash, Founder of The Agora Projects.

Official Exhibitor in the World Design Capital 2014 program, taking place in Cape Town, South Africa – November 8, 2013

The World Design Capital selected the Agora Projects, LLC as an Official Exhibitor in the their 2014 program. The WDC program focuses on the role that design can play in social transformation in the city. The Agora Projects was chosen because it embodies the four themes of the WDC program, which are ‘African Innovation, Global Conversation; Bridging the Divide; Today For Tomorrow; and Beautiful Spaces. Beautiful Things.’ To learn more about the exciting work of the World Design Capital, visit www.wdccapetown2014.com (Check out the ‘Projects’ page to view our entry. Our ID is #WDC398).

“Gifted Citizen” Competition at La Ciudad de las Ideas Festival in Puebla, Mexico – November 7, 2013

The Agora Projects, LLC was acknowledged by the “Gifted Citizen” Competition as an initiative with the potential to benefit up to ten million people over the next six years. Agora Projects Founder Marina Nash was selected to attend “La Ciudad de las Ideas” festival in Puebla, Mexico to join “Gifted Citizen” competition finalists. To learn more about the festival and some of its prominent presenters, visit www.ciudaddelasideas.com.

I.Q. Award, presented by the Boulder County Business Report – August 30, 2013

The Agora Hot Spots project was selected by a distinguished panel of judges at the Boulder Theater to win the annual BCBR IQ Award (innovation quotient) for its creative design to provide WIFI access to underserved populations worldwide. This award acknowledges the importance of self-organizing learning environments and the value of demonstrating deployable solar power as a clean, renewable and healthy alternative to burning conventional fossil fuels.

Agora Hot Spots will reach underserved communities with their “21st Century Branch Library” solar canopy design. The Agora Hot Spots provide an attractive community-gathering place equipped with interactive computer tablets, and free charging stations for mobile devices—thus facilitating access to the global conversation and providing a voice for those previously excluded. “We are delighted and humbled by this award,” said Marina Nash and Scott Rodwin, both award-winning architects and designers.