Providing an outdoor classroom for all ages is one of the most appealing attributes of the Agora. Agoras empower communities through interactive access to educational content.

Agora has partnered with the Navajo Nation to build an Agora designed to honor the four directions, the sacred elements, and Navajo spiritual traditions. The Agora will provide a gathering place for performances, ceremonies, community events, and surplus power for irrigation, water filtration, and mobile clinical uses. The Agora will symbolize the contemporary Hogan and will reflect Navajo cultural traditions, integrating the old with the new Navajo way.


The initial “Prototype” Agora Pavilion will be a success if it enhances media coverage of the STAR Charter School, increases attention to the needs of the Diné people and attracts additional donors, sponsors, and partners. Given this success, the program may serve as a model for deployment of Agora Pavilions to other underserved communities and Native American reservations across the continental U.S.